Master Anthologist Mrs. Tanya DeFreitas is an international, bestselling, self-published Author. She is a Writing Coach who has helped more than 150 writers become first-time published authors since March 2019. An entrepreneur at heart, Tanya is the CEO of Love Wins Publishing, where she also serves as Lead Consultant & Program Director.

Tanya is the Founder of the #timetotell movement, with a mission to help women reclaim their voice and tell their stories of overcoming trauma & abuse. She is the founder, coordinator, and lead author of Pretty Sad and Brutal Courage, two bestselling anthology series. The #timetotell movement provides education and writing scholarships. For more information, visit http://www.timetotellmovement.com.

Tanya is a Co-Founder of Beauty, Brains, Books & Business, a networking group on Facebook, for female authors, ministry leaders, and entrepreneurs where she primarily serves as the Business, Finance & Money Coach, educating members on budgeting, investing, and building generational wealth. She is a licensed insurance agent with an education in communication and financial planning. Tanya has received several community awards, including Woman of the Year by the Antelope Valley Ad Hoc Committee on Education. She is a certified domestic violence specialist and has served on the Board of Directors for several nonprofit organizations. In 2012, Tanya founded Working Women International, a nonprofit that helped women transition from welfare to work. Currently, Tanya serves as a member on the Board of Directors for W.E. Gather, a nonprofit organization for women empowerment, women entrepreneurs, and women everywhere!

Tanya is a passionate writer & speaker. In her writing, she is transparent about her life and uninhibited with her words. Her first book, Live Your Dream Now, was published in September 2018. She has since published more than 43 of her own works, including several books, journals, workbooks, devotionals, and anthologies.

Tanya is married to Marine Veteran and international, bestselling author, Rafael P. DeFreitas, Jr. In addition to writing, she enjoys traveling, especially cruises. Tanya is a mother, a woman of faith, an inspiration to many and she currently resides in Southern California.

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You STILL Talk Too Much

From the bestselling book, You Talk Too Much: A Wife’s Guide to Becoming a Silent Warrior, Tanya DeFreitas is back with You STILL Talk Too Much: A Wife’s Guide to Stand as a Silent Warrior! In the first book, Tanya shared practical advice and biblical principles to help wives learn the value and power of their position and how to apply prayer as the antidote in marriage. In this book, she shares what to do after you have have prayed….and prayed…and prayed! Having endured and overcome her own share of trouble, in marriage, including suffering abuse, addiction, adultery, abandonment, and a painful divorce, Tanya learned how critical it was to STAND on God’s word and she is encouraging wives to do the same!


Brutal Courage is the latest anthology under the #timetotell movement. The first edition includes 12 journeys, by 12 women, from all walks of life. In this book, the women share stories of overcoming trauma, including abuse and tragic loss of loved ones. Like its counterpart anthology, Pretty Sad, Brutal Courage is a powerful illustration of the strength of women. Released in June 2020, it became a best-seller and #1 New Release on Amazon.com, in the U.S. and in Japan! In this powerful testimonial it gets real, it gets raw, it gets BRUTAL!


A Devotional for the Hurting Married Woman

What do you do when the one person who vowed to love, cherish, and honor you, hurts you instead? How do you forgive? How do move on? Most of us do not count the cost of “for better or worse,” at the altar, and when worse becomes reality, then what?

Wounded Wife is a devotional for married women who are hurting and divorced women who are still healing. The injuries that are revealed, exposed, and expressed, in this book, are real experiences of wives who were afflicted by their husbands.

Lies. Deception. Abuse. Adultery. Addiction. Pornography. Secret lifestyles. Abandonment. Neglect. And more. The wounds penetrate deeply, but there is a remedy to soothe and heal the wounded heart in this book.


Menorpause PART II

In Menorpause Part I, Tanya takes a bold and courageous stand to tell her truth. She shares her early journey of experiencing abuse and failed relationships. Tanya introduces the boys & men who had the greatest impact on her life. She battled with them and herself, as she fought to suppress the pain of her past. The pretty little girl, now a pretty grown woman, is wounded…severely. And the beast inside of her has awakened.

In Menorpause Part II, anger and lust take over. The battle between Latanya (beauty) and Tanya (the beast) is over, and Tanya has won! The pain of her past takes over and becomes her fuel for survival. Tanya picks her victims one by one, before having to face herself and experience true healing.



Menopause is the time that marks the end of  a woman’s menstrual cycles.
Menorpause is the time that marks the end of Tanya’s men cycles. 

Tainted at a young age, Tanya unknowingly carried the wounds of abuse into her relationships. She suppressed the pain of her past for years, suffering more abuse, as a result, until her internal bleeding became external. In this powerful & explicit memoir, follow along as Tanya shares her journey and highlights the most significant encounters she had with men! From broken promises, secrets, & lies, to reclaiming her power and realizing her worth, in Menorpause you’ll meet Tanya’s beauty, her beast, and her truth!

Here’s what readers are saying about Menorpause…..

“Tanya is strong-minded, strong-willed, and a powerful woman of God. I admired her strength in the book Menorpause. Even after all the unhealthy relationships she was able to maintain a college degree and be a great mother…I can’t wait to read Part 2…I can’t wait!”

-Cheriese F.

Live Your Dream Now

What would you do if you knew you would not fail? What are you passionate about? What motivates you? The answer to these questions is your dream and your dream is connected to your purpose!

Are you walking in your purpose? Are you living your dream? If not, there is no better time than NOW to start! Live Your Dream Now is an inspirational, power packed guide with practical steps to help you bring your dream to life. In this testimonial, Tanya shares the five steps she took to make her dream come true. The book is a blueprint to take what is inside of you and see it in front of you!


“This book lit a fire inside me. Tanya DeFreitas has written a motivational step by step guide to following your dream. You don’t just get the tips to help you start your dream, Tanya leaves you feeling like you have a personal cheerleader standing with you every step of the way. Live Your Dream Now will force you to wake up out of the life of complacency you have become accustomed to. Get Ready it’s about to be an amazing ride. “

-Kimesha R.

You Talk Too Much

What is it like being married to you? Are you operating in your role as a suitable helper? Are you respecting your husband as the Bible advises? Are you praying for him? Are you helping him? Or are you hindering him? You Talk Too Much: A Wife’s Guide to Becoming a Silent Warrior is about the power of being quiet and using prayer to transform the marriage relationship. With love and grace, Tanya DeFreitas shares insight, truth, and her experience of learning the power in keeping her mouth shut. In this book, you will learn how to be intentional with your words so that you too can see God move miraculously in your marriage.


“This book is packed with so many golden nuggets for any married, engaged or dating woman who aspires to have a fruitful relationship, free from the self-sabotaging wrath of her own venomous words…Tanya gives you real word (God’s word), real life situations, and equips you with what you need to fight silently in, and for your relationship. Amazing Job!”

-Robin M.

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